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J Olsson – Still Loving

Proud and excited to announce that J Olsson’s full length album Still Loving is available digitally in all shops. Go to our shop page to learn more and get your copy!


J Olsson – Still Loving

J Olsson’s debut full length album finally scheduled to be released on april 6th! It’s gonna be titled Still Loving.


get your Parallel on! out now!

Get a copy for your digital gadget and sail through the spring like a cheetah!


Mammaskeppet are proud to announce that Parallel’s debut EP will be released digitally Feb 24th. Read more on our band page and stay tuned…. good stuff ahead!



real cool 70’s style instro rock. soon on Mammaskeppet


Mammaskeppet 2015…

New releases in the makes! Stay tuned for what, who and when! Good stuff

Go shopping!!

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Dashing Fellow

Dashing Fellow (Klubb Totaal, Kväll) debut single out now! Available in digital shops world wide.

Emma Fyman – Tax Dollars at Work

Emma Fyman (The Jadewalkers, Klubb Totaal) debut solo EP out now! Available in all digital shops, world wide.

J Olsson – And Where He Was From

J Olsson’s (Stormkök) debut solo EP is now out in all digital shops, available world wide! Get your copy!